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Case Studies - Mortgage Industry Solutions

Case 1 - Business Intelligence System

Case 2 - Automation of loan processing and enhanced risk management


Case Summary: Business Intelligence System

The Customer: One of the TOP 10 Mortgage companies in the US

Technology: Data Mart application

Business Requirements:

The company wanted to build a Business Intelligence application to satisfy the following business requirements:

  • Analyze delinquency cases for loss mitigation
  • Analyze reserves and FICO scores over current and delinquency aging
  • Monitor loan transitions across delinquency buckets
  • Develop capabilities for static pool analysis
  • Collate data from multiple sources for calculating risk index
  • Generate portfolio statistics

The Solution:

The company was maintaining the loan origination data in internal systems, while the servicing data was with the Application Service Provider. The ASP was charging for each inquiry of specific loan servicing data, running into millions per year. The solution suggested by Tata Infotech involved building a data mart and loading loan origination data and monthly loan servicing data obtained from the ASP into it.


  1. Trend analysis for formulating future business strategies
  2. Business performance monitoring
  3. Ability to meet key private investor and rating agency reporting requirements
  4. Loss prevention due to closer monitoring of delinquent loans
  5. Substantial cost savings due to reduced fee charged for bulk data by the ASP


Case Summary: Automation of loan processing and enhanced risk management

Customer: A leading bank, rated as “The Best Bank in India” in 2003 & 2004.

Technology: Imaging & Workflow system

Business Requirements:

A leading bank in India that has its American Depository Shares listed in the New York Stock Exchange, offers products under three major divisions, Wholesale Banking Services, Retail Banking Services and Corporate Treasury Services. It has more than 400 branch offices across India. For its Retail Banking Services Division, the bank wanted to implement a loan processing system that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes.

The Solution:

Tata Infotech came up with a solution based on an image enabled, work flow based loan processing system. The architecture recommended to the bank was flexible enough to accommodate any additional applications that the bank may want to bring under the work flow based solution. The architecture also took cognizance of the fact that the application would eventually be used at all the branch offices of the bank spread across the country. The project involved developing the actual workflow for the loan processing system and integrating it with the bank’s transaction processing systems.

The details of the loan application are captured in the imaging system at the branch level and the images are routed to the Head Office for processing. The Head Office completes the credit appraisal and conveys its decision to the branches. The project has been implemented using imaging, workflow and content management tools. Tata Infotech successfully executed this Systems Integration project meeting all the objectives initially set.


  1. Improved Cycle Time
  2. Cost reduction with reduced paper handling
  3. Reduction of defects/errors
  4. Enhanced risk management due to centralized credit appraisal and sanction
  5. High Return on Investment with many other applications being brought under the image enabled workflow platform