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Case Summary: A leading Stock Exchange in India was looking for a technology partner to manage its Quality Assurance, Facilities Management and Back Office Maintenance operations.

Customer: A Leading Stock Exchange in India.
Technology: Sybase, PowerBuilder, Tandem, C, VC++, Java.

Customer Description

The client, a leading Stock Exchange in India, is actively involved in trading more than 3,000 heavily traded scrips whose market capitalization value amounts to approximately US$ 200 billion.


Tata Infotech is involved in the following activities at this Stock Exchange:

1. Quality Assurance

Since August 2002, Tata Infotech has been providing Quality Assurance Services at the Exchange in the following segments:

    • Derivatives Trading and Settlement System (DTSS)
    • Online trading system for Cash Market (BOLT)
    • Internet Trading System (ITS)
    • Data Feed System
    • Intermediate Message Layer (IML)
    • Settlement System (COSS)
    • Back Office System

The key responsibilities handled by the Quality Assurance team of Tata Infotech are as follows:

  • To ensure that the system developed by the third party vendor was in accordance with the requirements of the stock exchange.
  • To ensure that testing was conducted for the functionality on the above-mentioned system.
  • Based on the testing results, the client took a decision on the release of the software in consultation with Tata Infotech.
  • Tata Infotech studied the impact that changes to the above system had on interrelated systems like the Settlement System.
2. Facilities Management services of Derivatives Segment (Options and Future Market)

Tata Infotech has been providing Facilities Management for the derivative segment since January 2000. Activities performed within the purview of the project include:

  • Project coordination
  • System administration
  • Database administration
  • System operations
  • Helpdesk

System operations and helpdesk services are being provided everyday for 12 hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in two shifts.

3. Facilities Management services of the Internet Trading System

The project activities include the following:

  • System administration
  • Database administration
  • Operations
  • Helpdesk
4. Back Office Maintenance

Tata Infotech has been providing Back Office Maintenance to the Stock Exchange since May 1999. This project was initiated as a study of the functioning of the various departments of the Exchange. After the requirement analysis phase, Tata Infotech developed the following systems for the Exchange:

  • Listings System
  • Arbitration between Member and Client
  • Company Section (Investor Service Cell)
  • Estate and Maintenance Department
  • Membership System
  • Legal System
  • Central Suspension and Revocation

Customer Benefits

  • Tata Infotech has enhanced the operational efficiency of the Stock Exchange by testing and certifying the functionality of every new application developed in the last couple of years.
  • The efficient system operations and helpdesk services provided by the engineers of Tata Infotech helps the Exchange concentrate on its core functions