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Case Studies - Insurance Sector Solutions

Case Summary: A leading Insurance company in the US wanted to re-engineer its Agency Online Automation application.

Customer: A Fortune 500 Insurance company in the US.
Technology: Re-engineering.

Customer Description

This client is one of the largest providers of Insurance and Financial services in the US. It develops and sells a wide range of Insurance and Financial products. The client offers Insurance services in the areas of auto, life, home and business, with a focus on property and casualty, retirement savings and asset management. Financial Services are offered by the client in the areas of annuities, pensions, mutual funds, investment basics and retirement planning. The client markets its services through a broad distribution network of agents located across the globe.

The Challenge

The client had an existing system - the Agency Online Automation application - that provided a channel for the client's agents to sell the various Insurance services. The application supported a limited number of agents, which restricted the client's distribution channels. The client therefore decided to re-engineer its application to accommodate additional agents. The number of channels was expected to triple. The client wanted to modify the automated test cases in the auto, fire and commercial applications. In addition, they also wanted the data file structures to be enhanced and have them validated against the older versions.

The Solution

Tata Infotech undertook the task of re-engineering the application in a combined onsite-offshore approach on a time and material model. Our team of consultants worked onsite with the client to conduct verification and impact validation of the source modules provided. Tata Infotech also provided enhancements to the Agent Id application to accommodate additional agents and channels as required.

In addition, Tata Infotech modified all the modules that were impacted by enhancements to the application. Further, our team was also involved in creating WinRunner test cases that were to be used in the execution of automated test cases for auto, fire and commercial applications during the system test stage. Finally, Tata Infotech developed the customer input package as part of the re-engineering effort.

Customer Benefits

Establishing additional distribution channels helped the client to increase its agents and sell Insurance services through additional channels, and in the process, enabled the client to enhance its levels of customer service and save costs.