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The Tata Infotech Offshore Methodology

The various phases of the Tata Infotech Offshore Methodology are depicted in the figure below and are described in brief

Phase I - Business Planning

During this phase a team of one to two senior consultants from Tata Infotech engage in a Business Planning study along with key Business Directors in the customer organization to understand the Business perspective and define the key drivers for this exercise.

At the completion of this phase, Tata Infotech would create a Business Plan for the customer. This would include the short-term and long-term Financials and Cost Savings, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Technical approach and Methodology. A Business Case will be presented to all key stakeholders viz. Business Groups, IS teams and members of the senior management that are involved with the initiatives.

Phase II - Transitioning

On receiving concurrence from the key stakeholders on the Business Plan, Tata Infotech would embark on Transition Planning to undertake transition for the portals. Transitioning of the application groups within the portals will be taken up in a phased manner. Some of the activities that would be undertaken during this phase would be inventory of applications, application walkthrough, knowledge transfer, understanding support and communication procedures, shadowing and cut-over. At the end of this Phase, all applications in the scope would have been transferred to Tata Infotech.

Phase III - Steady State

The key purpose of this phase is to ensure that Tata Infotech runs the portals in a steady state for a predetermined period of time. This milestone would be achieved at different times for each set of application within the portals, as all the steps in the transition phase have been completed.

Tata Infotech during this phase will initiate the movement of more and more work on support to its offshore teams

Phase IV - Optimization

This phase will focus on long-term improvements in the processes and maximize the ratio of offshore to onsite distribution to provide the customer the benefits of larger capacity and cost effectiveness. This is an ongoing phase and will also increasingly focus on improvement and optimization of processes and methodologies.

Once the support has achieved the steady state and has moved into optimization phase, Tata Infotech could take on the responsibility of developing functionality enhancements to the Portals


Based on our previous experience the elapsed times for each of these phases are depicted below as a guideline.