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Improve Service Levels to your customers and ROI on your Portals

Stiff competition and fickle customers characterize today's Portal landscape. Given the rate at which Portals have proliferated in the last few years, just having an online presence is not sufficient to capture and retain customers. It is of paramount importance that customers are provided with latest and up-to-date information, round the clock. Some of the key challenges faced by businesses on their portal initiatives are:

  • Mounting maintenance costs making it difficult to allocate budgets towards new improvements, feature rollouts and enhancements on their portals. As a result businesses are constantly at risk of their portal being highly static in terms of content and features.
  • Managing the cost of development of new features.
  • Ensuring that the customers are provided with the best service levels.
  • Increasing time-to-market for rollout of new features due to lack of adequate capacity for development and change management.

To add to all these there is a bigger challenge of being able to find a reliable partner who would not only help businesses address these issues effectively but also be able to successfully hand-hold and execute a seamless transition of maintenance, support and development activities.

Tata Infotech has been helping businesses address the challenges faced in their portal initiatives through its Portal Solutions.


  • Reduction in budget spends on maintenance and support by upto 50%. There are cases where Tata Infotech has been able to reverse the maintenance to new feature development budget spend ratio from 80:20 to 20:80
  • Utilizing the unique Program Management and distributed onsite-offshore setup, customers have been able to reduce spend on individual enhancements drastically. As a result, customers have been able to add more enhancements and features to the portals within the same budget.
  • Perceivable improvement in service levels subsequent to transition of support to Tata Infotech. The improvements have been multifaceted viz. in terms of resolution of trouble tickets, uptime of portals, proactive preventive maintenance et al.
  • Shorter time-to-market within the same optimized costs due to quantum increase in capacity and Tata Infotech's ability to ramp-up and ramp-down resources based on business needs. On a number of occasions Tata Infotech has been ably supporting its customers to ensure timely rollout at business critical junctures like product launches, new branding initiatives, conferences etc.

In addition Tata Infotech brings in its ability to transition the services under its umbrella in a seamless and timely manner. In all transitions that Tata Infotech has undertaken, the users have been unaffected.

Some key customers who benefited from this offering include a leading consumer portal, a leading online encyclopedia, a leading Global pharmaceutical company and a leading healthcare insurance company.