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Product Led E-Learning Solutions from SkillSoft

Tata Infotech offers computer based training (CBT) modules developed by SkillSoft corporation, it's renowned international partner, primarily catering to IT and Business skills. The courses are comprehensive and state of the art with over 8000 Hours of content with the flexibility of deployment on internet and intranet.


The SkillSoft Information Technology Content Solution features six components that address the needs of every participant in your enterprise:

  • Software Development
  • Operating Systems and Server Technologies
  • Internet and Network Technologies
  • Enterprise Database Systems
  • Web Design
  • Desktop Computer Skills

These solutions also feature extensive offerings on Microsoft™ and Java® technologies, including Microsoft’s .NET framework and Java Enterprise Development with J2EE.


  • SkillSoft’s Business Skills library of over 1600 courses focuses on behavioral skills (or soft skills) for business professionals. These are broadly classified into 8 major business-focused solutions that address issues covering almost every functional area of global business organizations. These training sets are instrumental in raising performance levels regardless of job responsibility.
  • The SkillSoft e-learning modules combines the most comprehensive content for an unparalleled learning experience that delivers real and tangible business results to your organization every time.Some of the unique features of Skill Soft are:
    Largest, most responsive online mentoring service in e-learning industry
    Mentoring for 50+ major certifications exams in IT and project management
    24x7 online mentoring through live chat & email
  • Mentored exercises
    Flexible learning platform & a structured monitoring mechanism
    Localized content in various languages like: Korean, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, North American, English Canadian, French, Latin American Spanish, UK English, Dutch, French, Castilian Spanish, Greek, Italian and French.