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Over the years organizations have discovered that they require E learning solutions that cater to their specific needs and situations. Tata Infotech has the ability to develop advanced customized contents that are guaranteed to suit all your requirements. Tata Infotech also has an extensive graphic development-training program

  • Custom Graphic Development
    • Pre-Production Planning
    • Script Writing
    • Storyboard Development
    • Motion Graphics Design
    • 3-D Animation
    • Effects Generation
  • Interactive Flash Animations including games, simulation etc.
  • High Quality Audio Production
    • Sound editing’s and recording
    • Audio Generation
    • Audio synchronized character animation
  • Storyboard Development
    • Descriptions of settings, goals, roles, and activities
    • Graphic demonstration of relationship between events and actions within a system
    • Use cases and storyboards to depict system use for specific tasks
    • Function, navigation (flow) and structure (form)
    • Function and flow during Analysis
    • Function, flow, and form during Information Design
    • Descriptive text annotations and use cases
  • Interactive Hardware & Software Lab Simulation
    • Simulations that show users what steps to take, data to input, fields to complete, or mouse clicks to make when using a software
    • Simulations to judge user responses, track user activity, “time-out” a task, or respond to an interaction with logic-based responses.
    • Interactive 3D simulations that show the working of devices and instruments
    • Real-time user navigation tracking
    • Assessment Development
    • Assessment objects – true/false, multiple choice, drag and drop, match item, essay, role based cases
    • Continuous feedback to users, and also supplies you with information about how your users respond to these questions.
  • Tracking & Delivery
    • Creating new users
    • Allotting the courses / Titles
    • Setting and Tracking the Activation date and the expiry date for each of the users per course/title.
    • Automatic reminders -Tracking the number of hits and the date per chapter/page.
    • Monitor the progress of the trainees and can do result analysis as users undertake different tests at the end of the chapter/course. Percentile (A particular user’s position in terms of percentage among all the trainees) can be recorded.
    • Guided feedback
    • Suggested learning path informing the user about section sin which the user is weak and should pay more attention.
    • Collection, summary and tracking of results
  • Learning Object Content Management
    • Delivery and tracking through SCORM, AICC, IMS, XML and other leading Learning Management Systems.
    • Content can be launched, book-marked and tracked using SCORM or AICC.
    • Tool supports JavaScript URLs to communicate with learning management systems using Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM), run-time API for data tracking.
    • Metadata to make e Learning content easy to manage, reuse and deploy and for easy interoperability with standards-compliant learning management systems.
  • Induction Training programs for new associates
  • Process Training
  • Product Training for Sales & Service personnel, and Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • End User Training on Software Applications