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Optimization and Analytics Services

From e-businesses to manufacturing, transportation, distribution and logistics, banking and finance, utilities, defense, government organizations are struggling to do more with the same or less.

Moreover, shrinking margins, increasing competition and continuous consolidation have forced enterprises to vigorously pursue improvements in operating performance.

Optimization has emerged as one of the most mature and critical technologies to handle real-world problems of considerable size. Application areas vary enormously from one industry to another - from manufacturing to retail, from the transportation to banking, etc. Issues that are typically addressed include planning, scheduling, logistics, supply-chain and portfolio optimization.

Tata Infotech optimization solutions bring together extensive domain experience and well-proven technology capabilities to help industry meet these challenges.

The Optimization Technologies Group of Tata Infotech over the years has conducted extensive development and research in:

  • Optimization: Planning, Timetabling, Scheduling, Resource Allocation
  • Operations Research, Forecasting
  • Expert Systems, Constraint Programming

Several successful systems and prototypes have been developed for various clients using state-of-the-art tools from the area of Constraints Technology (ILOG Solver and Scheduler) and Mathematical Programming (ILOG CPLEX, Frontline Solver).

Tata Infotech has developed optimization solutions for its customers spanning different industries. Examples include:

  • Empty Container Repositioning System for a global 3PL involved in shipping bulk liquids and food items
  • Train Monitoring and Planning for the most modern railroad in India
  • Sales force Planning for one of the largest banks in the world, etc.

Based on its rich experience in Optimization, Operations Research and Expert Systems, Tata Infotech has developed a sound methodology OPT-IT to address optimization projects. Together with its certified quality processes, Tata Infotech thereby becomes excellent choice for every organization in their optimization initiatives.

The R&D program in Optimization technologies at Tata Infotech includes collaborative research and project efforts with academic institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology Mumbai and Kharagpur and the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai. These activities support a depth of expertise unparalleled in the industry.