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Self Service Terminal Solutions

Self Service Terminals (SSTs) are fast replacing the conventional mode of business. From the kiosks at a grocery shop counter to a full function Bank ATM, these SSTs are easing lives everywhere.

SSTs have opened up many opportunities for the organizations to spread their business. For example through well-defined industry standards, it is possible to develop applications, which are independent of the actual devices present in the system. This reduces the efforts to enhance, maintain such applications for the new variants of such devices. The expectations of the end users of such systems especially ATMs are ever increasing as today a customer of one financial institute expects to do his transactions on the ATMs of other institutions also. The ATM applications are also growing in complexities because of new requirements (some of which are mandatory e.g. EMV compliance) coming in.

Tata Infotech acts as partners in improving the efficiency of customers’ existing systems, adding the new dimensions in the business and increasing their reach to bigger and wider markets.

Tata Infotech has over 60 person years of software and hardware development and project execution experience for Self Service Terminal industries, which include both Banking and non-Banking sectors. It has developed software, which not only conforms to the industry standards like XFS but also caters to the proprietary needs of the customers. It is also involved in the manufacturing of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) for one of the largest ATM suppliers in the market. Tata Infotech has also developed the proprietary non-banking hardware that is used as cheque depositors by the customers of State owned telecom service provider company.


  • New Product Design
    • Device Driver Development
    • Test Tool Development
    • Configuration Utilities Development
    • Simulator Development
  • Product Re-engineering:
    • Migration across Platforms (Operating Systems)
    • Migration across different versions of XFS standards
  • Product Support
    • Resolve and fix Defects
    • Product Enhancements
  • Testing Services
    • Software Quality Assurance
    • Product Testing and Qualification


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