Managed Site to Site VPN - Connect Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time

Our managed site-to-site network services are designed for those global enterprises seeking an outsourced relationship with a solutions partner.

As a solutions partner for networking, we design, build, deploy and manage a single seamless global network that integrates voice, video and data; improves the effectiveness of data exchange between partners; evolves on-demand with shifting requirements; and delivers secure connectivity and ultra-reliable operations in support of mission-critical business applications.

All of this is managed for you, so your personnel can focus on your core business.

Delivering On Demand

When operating a critical communications infrastructure, you cannot afford the risk of single-threaded solutions. We eliminate the need for multiple network suppliers and back-up solutions by incorporating multi-backbone diversity within our core solution for every customer network. Our multi-threaded networks are the ideal foundation for the global enterprise to build a mission-critical application infrastructure upon.

All of our solutions incorporate the following:

  • Designs Driven by Your Applications - Our network assessment methodology is applied to every network solution, ensuring each design meets your unique business objectives and technology requirements.
  • Global Multi-Backbone Performance - This multiple-backbone architecture provides dynamic fail-over and automatically re-routes around network congestion.
  • Any Access, Anywhere - We provides aggregated delivery, support and billing for best-of-breed global dial, TDM, broadband, metro Ethernet, wireless and satellite access.
  • Single-Source, Global-to-Local Delivery and Proactive Management - Rather than managing multiple vendors, we are your single global source for the design, implementation and ongoing management of your strategic wide area network environment.

Network-Enabled Delivery

Every one of our network solutions benefits from our network-centric approach to IP service creation and delivery. This methodology provides centralized policy management and control, enhanced security, rapid service delivery and highly effective ongoing support and management of your network.

Your individual locations are able to connect to our intelligent network through either Direct Access or CPE Access. The vast majority of global implementations are a hybrid of the two.

Using Direct Access, your sites connect to us via TDM, Metro Ethernet or fixed wireless. Once connected, that site is automatically connected to all others. Utilizing Direct Access, your private IP infrastructure is created from within our network and is enabled without deploying any additional hardware or software. This reduces capital costs and enables service delivery in days, versus weeks or months. For enterprises with stringent security requirements, Direct Access connections can optionally be encrypted from your premises to our service point.

CPE Access enables enterprise sites to connect to their managed network using a VPN device and connectivity through one of our network partners or via access that is already in place. Unlike frame relay or pure Internet-based CPE solutions, we provided CPE Access solutions are inherently fully meshed with all other locations and are optimally routed for the most desirable performance in a region or country.

Any Access-Anywhere

Our model is access-neutral on behalf of our customers, seeking out the best performance, price and technology last mile solution for individual locations-regardless of where they are located in the world.

Our power is in its ability to pick and choose between any access vendor and any technology available in an area. This gives us tremendous flexibility and choice when assembling a custom network for our customers. We are today interconnected/partnered with over 200 access providers around the world-a number that continues to grow with customer demand.

The bottom line is there's no other provider who can do everything we do everywhere we do it.

Single-Source Global-to-Local Delivery and Proactive Management

We are your single global source for the design, implementation and ongoing management of your strategic wide area network environment.

With our end-to-end delivery model, we are typically called upon to address: upfront design, on-site global equipment installation, global local loop procurement/installation and management, 24x7 Tier-1 customer support, simplified single-source billing, and network-wide proactive monitoring and maintenance. We also provide for:

  • Global four-hour hardware replacement
  • Local language support
  • Global onsite equipment and local loop installation

It is important to understand that we go beyond the typical managed carrier service most enterprises have experienced. While we obviously takes on all the day-to-day management responsibility for the WAN itself, from CPE to access to transport, we regularly become involved in troubleshooting areas such as application problems, virus outbreaks and attacks that are impacting the user experience.

Service Level Agreements

As a leader in global enterprise networking solutions, we understand the critical nature of network reliability. You cannot afford network downtime that impacts critical applications such as contact centres, extranet partner connectivity, CRM/ERP, or internal voice and video conferencing applications.

To accommodate these requirements, we offer SLAs that exceed technical and business requirements. Our SLAs include local access circuits and CPE and cover performance metrics including latency, availability, throughput and jitter-a crucial statistic to ensure high-quality voice and video transmissions.

Managed Broadband VPN - Business-Class Broadband Worldwide

You require secure, lower-cost methods of high-bandwidth connectivity to integrate remote sites-including international locations-with headquarters. Broadband is a potential solution, however, you have likely found that implementing a global broadband network yourself is extremely difficult to project manage, deploy and effectively manage going forward.

The root of the problem for most, especially on an international scale is the arduous chore of identifying, provisioning, integrating and managing the myriad of underlying broadband access providers across the globe for a comprehensive solution.

Single Source Global to Local Delivery

We offer the most extensive global broadband connectivity available-wherever broadband is available, currently 100 plus countries-leveraging relationships with more than 200 access providers worldwide to achieve an unparalleled footprint.

As a managed solution, we provide one point of contact for global broadband ordering, provisioning, 24x7 operations centre support, aggregated billing and currency conversion, and customer care. In addition, our web-based tools include monitoring and reporting capabilities that enable you to view the real-time and historical performance of all your broadband connections.

A True Business Class Offering

All broadband offerings are not created equal. Consumer-grade services and support are good for consumers, but are not the appropriate foundation for your mission-critical business environment. Nor are all supposed "business class" or managed broadband services one in the same when compared closely side by side.

Our strength is in providing broadband access as a managed service within a premium delivery model. A solution designed for those who value circuit up time, single-source global delivery, and proactive 24x7 support more than the cheapest price available in the market.


Managed Remote Access VPN - Secure Solutions Via Any Access, Anywhere

Our managed remote access services are designed for those global enterprises seeking to leverage their skilled technology professionals in core business activities that enhance shareholder value rather than day-to-day operations of a network. By outsourcing network services, technology and financial risks are mitigated as manages multiple vendor relationships.

As a solutions partner for remote access networking, we design, build, deploy and manage a ubiquitous and seamless global environment linking users, partners, suppliers and customers any time, any place.

Our service is unique in that it aggregates and integrates over 200 underlying access vendors across technologies around the world for service breadth, and integrates them with best-of-breed equipment and security products for service depth. We wrap this infrastructure foundation with customized implementations, single-source global- to-local 24x7 support, aggregated billing and currency conversion, and guaranteed performance. The Remote Access solutions include:

  • Secure Global Dial Access
  • Secure Global Broadband Access (DSL, Cable & Fixed Wireless)
  • Secure Global WiFi Access
  • Secure Global Satellite Access

Remote Access Highlights

  • ully Managed. We designs, builds, deploys and manages. Incorporates all access facilities, hardware/software, billing requirements, and help desk support through its 24x365 dual Network/Security Operations Centres. Proactive monitoring and 15 min NOC/SOC notification for all your locations including broadband sites.
  • Extensive Global Coverage. We aggregate and integrate over 200 underlying global, national and local access infrastructures including multiple local PTT and ISP infrastructures for dense in-country coverage as well as robust domestic and international remote access roaming capabilities. Dial in 150+ countries. DSL in 100+ countries. WiFi in 20+ countries.
  • Business Class. An unprecedented "network of networks" protects remote users from network outages and provides more access points. All combined with high-end CPE and software for end-to-end reliability and backed by comprehensive global SLAs.
  • Enhanced Security. IPsec and/or SSL encryption options with integrated firewall. Policy-based access to confirm security attributes upon user login such as virus protection and firewall policy. User-based authentication methods such as RADIUS, RSA SecurID, X.509 digital certificates and local passwords.

Enhanced Security

All our Remote Access solutions are able to leverage IPsec or SSL encryption-all depending upon your requirements and preferences.

With the IPsec client, security for data in transit is achieved through the use of 3DES encrypted IPsec tunnels between an individual PC and your corporate network. The SSL Remote Access allows end users the security of a completely encrypted network, but with the flexibility to access resources from any SSL enabled browser. Secure SSL connections can be created without any requirement for client installation or support on individual PCs.

Unique to us is our ability to offer SSL Remote Access security as a managed service from either within our own network (network-based) or through equipment located on your premises. Utilizing a network-based approach, we are able to leverage our "carrier-class" environment on your behalf to provide increased performance, reliability and scalability.

Our secure Remote Access offers other enhanced security capabilities as well, such as split tunneling and integrated, "always on" personal firewalls. Split tunneling allows remote users to simultaneously access their corporate networks and the Internet directly. Internet connectivity is secured with a user-configurable personal firewall, protecting your user's PC from Internet-based attacks. Firewall settings are controlled centrally from our gateway and downloaded automatically upon connection, overriding your user's settings when appropriate.

In today's environment it is increasingly desirable to be able to check for certain attributes upon your user's login before access will be granted-such as up-to-date anti-virus engines or personal firewall configurations. Our solutions not only recognize the individual user, but the actual device they are using to obtain access and can intelligently base access rights on the combination of the two.

From an authentication perspective, we offer a wide variety of remote user solutions. You can leverage our authentication infrastructure and use or customer portal to manage users or we can proxy RADIUS or NT authentication requests to your internal servers. Additionally, we offer 2-factor authentication solutions utilizing RSA's SecurID tokens as well as X.509 digital certificates and local passwords.


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