A Network Of Networks

Global companies have traditionally had two less-than-appealing options for integrating complex, global networking environments. You can do it yourself through multiple vendors, stitching together an infrastructure that you then must manage as individual silos-and attempt to create a cohesive and overarching view encompassing them all. Or you can try to identify a single global network provider, basing your entire mission-critical environment solely on their infrastructure's ability to consistently and constantly deliver anywhere, any time, every time-a goal that no single company has yet been able to meet. The unfortunate reality is that every carrier backbone experiences outages and/or has sub-optimal performance some of the time to some parts of the network. Nor are any of these backbones able to take you to every city in the world where you operate.

Tata Infotech is your third option. Tata Infotech provides the greatest reach, flexibility and performance without the productivity loss of multi-supplier management. With our unique infrastructure, you are in fact multi-connected to the best global and regional infrastructures available around the world. The power of our model is in its ability to quickly and seamlessly move traffic from one these underlying backbones to another. Never again must you rely on the reach and performance shortcomings of a single backbone to support your global mission-critical environments.

The bottom line is unparalleled performance, reliability and global reach within an on demand operating environment through which you seamlessly connect your employees, applications, systems and process anywhere, any time, every time.

Any Access, Anywhere

Our multi-carrier global footprint spans over 190 countries with connectivity in every major city throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, Latin America and North America. From a local access perspective, we are vendor-neutral on your behalf, seeking out the best performance, price and technology last-mile solution for your individual locations anywhere in the world.
Tools, automation, established relationships and international know-how are our Global Access Command Centres' strategic assets. In every category, our global delivery capabilities are unmatched:

  • Service availability in more than 190 countries
  • 200+ established access provider relationships around the world
  • 24x7 single global point of contact as well as local in-country delivery for all facets of equipment and access facility installation, replacement, management, troubleshooting and billing
  • Two 24x7 Network/Security Operations Centres located in the USA and India.

The Tata Infotech IP Proposition

Around the world, your applications are powered by the proprietary, Tata Infotech multi-carrier infrastructure - an intelligent, high-availability, high-performance foundation for an on-demand world. At its core, this infrastructure is the combination of our unique assets:

  • An intelligent, network-based service platform for centralized service creation and delivery on demand
  • Direct connectivity to multiple Tier-1 backbones within each service point-an aggregation of the best global and regional infrastructures around the world
  • Optimal path selection across backbones to any point in the world through proprietary performance-based routing algorithms
  • Dynamic failover across all of the interconnected backbones and associated submarine cable systems

The culmination of these assets is a global infrastructure stretching to more than 190 countries delivering "platinum" levels of service through proactive problem avoidance for all of your data, video and voice needs including WANs, contact centre connectivity, extranets and premium quality video conferencing.

Optimal Path Selection

Tata Infotech has the ability to route your traffic over the best-performing path of multiple, best-of-breed backbones it has interconnected at each of its service points around the world. In essence, we aggregate the premier global and regional backbones, while managing, controlling and delivering the solutions you need. Performance between cities across these backbones, as well as your individual endpoints, is proactively monitored for specific parameters such as latency, packet loss and jitter in order to make the intelligent routing decisions for your applications.

Dynamic Failover

The multi-carrier backbone concept also enables us to offer greater reliability than any single service provider today. Leveraging dynamic failover between the multiple backbones utilized in a region, country, or city ensures uninterrupted traffic flow when companies on other single provider solutions are out of service.


The Tata Infotech MPLS Proposition - Unmatched Quality, Unmatched Reach

While MPLS services continue to explode worldwide, users are demanding more. The need for global, seamless, MPLS networks is beyond the capabilities of the single-network providers. For enterprises seeking a uniform, global, high quality MPLS service, we proudly present the Tata Infotech MPLS proposition

Our MPLS capabilities are built upon our proprietary routing database that was first built for our highly successful IP services. Using the same concept, we have created Regional Policy Centres around the world from which routes MPLS traffic across the top MPLS carrier networks - leveraging more than 5,000 PoPs in 190+ countries. In addition the routing database also maps different Class of Service (COS) traffic between carriers, provides re-routing information when backbones go down or degrade, and provides the end user a complete set of monitoring and SLA information tools for performance compliance.

Superior Flexibility and Performance

Because Tata Infotech has the unmatched capability of routing MPLS traffic onto multiple carriers around the world, we can offer customers superior service level agreements at prices that are extremely competitive. Our routing database uses real-time information about backbone performance to choose the best route for traffic, and will dynamically re-route MPLS traffic if any particular backbone degrades or fails. This results in the fastest and most extensive MPLS network worldwide.

Inherent Automatic Failover

Our high availability and superior service levels are achieved through the automatic failover capability of our infrastructure. First created for our IP solutions, the automatic failover capability means that your MPLS traffic will be re-routed around problems and network failures without any need for intervention. Our legacy in networking is our pioneering work in this area and the direct benefit for our customers is the ability to have the transport portion of their networks up and available at all times, any time.

Most Extensive Reach for MPLS

Because Tata Infotech uses all of the world's top MPLS networks, we have a global reach that is unmatched by other carriers. Therefore, anywhere that MPLS is available, we can provide service from that location. And, because carriers cannot inter-connect their MPLS networks, our advantage in doing just that means we have unmatched reach to all of the world's MPLS-enabled countries.

The Most Competitive Pricing

Because we today buy network capacity from over 200 of the world's network providers, we understand network and access costs more completely than any other network provider. This results in our ability to negotiate the best rates for our transport services, and the most competitive rates for access to our network, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers. When this is coupled with our unmatched reach and multi-backbone failover capability, Tata Infotech delivers a complete MPLS network service that is unique throughout the world.

Key MPLS Solution Components

Proprietary Class-of-Service Mapping Database

We maintain end-to-end class-of-service performance based upon our proprietary database for mapping Class of Service attributes between carriers. This database acts as a "traffic cop" ensuring that the fastest route is traversed between carriers and that we are properly honouring the service levels associated with that class of service.

Proprietary Routing Algorithms

The Mapping Database is, in effect, a series of routing algorithms that provide the parameters from which the routing decisions for the MPLS traffic are made. Our engineering team has devoted countless hours to understanding each class of service offering from each of our partner networks and has created routing templates that ensure the proper level of performance is always achieved for each class of service.

Inherent Automatic Multi-Network Failover

Utilizing the same techniques that we brought to re-routing IP traffic among the world's carriers, Tata Infotech also contains the ability to re-route traffic automatically when any carrier backbone fails. As we were the pioneer in multi-carrier VPN routing, our heritage made it easy for us to implement that same capability across multiple MPLS networks, once again creating a unique, fully redundant service that is unmatched by any of the world's carriers.

Comprehensive Cost and Service Level Agreement Database

As we have over 200 carrier partners from whom we buy network services, we have built from that data the world's most comprehensive database of service level agreements and network costs. This database is used strategically by the company to ensure that we are getting the most aggressive pricing and service levels from the world's top carriers. In turn we pass those benefits along to our customers significant cost savings over traditional carrier offerings and industry-leading service level agreements.


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