Customer: A leading manufacturer of flavors and fragrances.
Technology:Business Intelligence

Customer Description

The client is a leading manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, and supplies raw materials to premier manufacturers worldwide. The client has over 5,000 employees and 2,500 suppliers spread across the globe, with multiple production sites distributed across four continents.

The Challenge

As part of its daily operations, our client undertook the arduous task of collecting and collating information regarding various ingredients from disparate data sources. This was compounded by the fact that the systems providing the relevant information were regional in nature. The need of the hour was to develop a web-based business intelligence application that would facilitate the distribution of information across geographical locations without compromising on data security issues.

The Solution

An automated job, using Visual Age for Java, was designed to extract data from the source systems and load the data into the database at pre-defined periods. The database was designed with a centralized repository supported by a relational structure. Staging tables were built to support reporting on complex queries. Components from the Cognos suite of products were implemented as the web-based reporting tool that users across the globe would use for data analysis.

Customer Benefits

  • Users can manage and track all capital expenditure projects through the entire project life cycle
  • The new application enables users to check the status of a project and analyze approval for their budgets based on actual expenditure
  • Ad hoc reporting is carried out based on various key parameters
  • Enhanced decision-making is facilitated by entering the most relevant data
  • The total time taken for data entry and analysis has been reduced


A Project Manager from the client team observes: "The application was released in production one year ago and has been working perfectly. I wanted to write this mail to mention again that [it] is a high quality tool built by a high quality team and that we are very happy with the delivered application."