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Life Sciences Solutions from Tata Infotech

Life science data pertaining to drug discovery is distributed across heterogeneous repositories. These distributed data contain information in the workflow of discovery research. Presenting and analyzing the continuously growing data in the field demands more sophisticated representation and tools.

The challenges in Life Sciences range from managing critical systems to achieving increased accuracy and real time processing.

Tata Infotech with its select eco-partners helps customers around the world face these challenges - reducing effort, while ensuring that high quality service continues to be delivered. Tata Infotech offers end-to-end bioinformatics services, while leveraging the information technology expertise gained through more than two decades of providing software development, maintenance and production support services using its proven methodologies assessed at SEI CMM Level 5 and certified ISO 9001:2000.

Our Services

  • Microarray Solutions
    • Image analysis.
    • Normalization and ratio calculation.
    • Bias finding and elimination.
    • Normalization and QC.
    • Statistical analysis.
    • Biological analysis.
  • BIO - IT
    • Text mining solutions.
    • Web mining solutions.
    • Systems Biology.
      • - Biological databases.
    • Chemical databases.
    • Customized software development for   Bio/cheminformatics.

Our Products

Tata Infotech's Products include:

  • BIO - IT
    • DiaBase: Diabetic Gene Database.
    • Integrin Information Resource - Integrin Database.
    • Protein-Protein Interaction Extractor.