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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The need to track the location and movement of products and assets in the supply chain has been and continues to be one of the key challenges of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.
However, real-time visibility in the supply chain remains a problem area.
Across the supply chain, organizations across various domains face some critical challenges.

Organization Challenge Reason
Retailers Addressing lost sales Out-of-stock situations due to manual tracking of the availability items
Distributors Addressing Product shrinkage Theft, misplacements, or delays due to improper routings
Transporters High asset inventories Low asset utilization
Manufacturers Excess inventory and associated costs Lack of synchronization of demand/supply of various parts

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) promises to address the above challenges and bring in real time visibility in the supply chain.
The potential benefits from RFID implementation are expected to arise from increase in supply chain visibility and efficiency, decrease in costs due to better data synchronization, increase in responsiveness to changes due to real time information visibility and improved business processes.


Consulting Services

Business Consulting: With strong functional and technical practice in retail & distribution, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and telecom domains, we can leverage our knowledge base in various domains to provide relevant consulting services.

Our offerings in Business Consulting include:

  • Studying the existing business processes and systems
  • Feasibility of using RFID, recommendations on how RFID may impact the processes
  • Description of to-be processes
  • Study impact of RFID implementation on RoI
  • Study of identification, tracking and traceability requirements
  • Specifying pilot requirements and scope of work

Technology Consulting: With extensive expertise and vast experience in software solutions and wireless technologies, Tata Infotech has the right blend of skills to provide our customers with the right technology solutions in RFID space.

Our technology offerings specific to RFID include:

  • Identifying functional and performance requirements of RFID hardware and middleware
  • Recommending relevant technology, standards for the specific applications
  • Evaluating and recommend appropriate tag vendors
  • Studying & recommending System integration issues with existing ERP / SCM systems, interfacing with other sensor and automation systems

Implementation Services

Hardware Implementation & Deployment

  • Site surveys system design, Address issues related to tagging point and tagged material
  • Address tag and antenna mounting issues
  • Address RF environment & material handling issues
  • Selection, procurement assistance, installation and configuration of RFID hardware and network equipment

Middleware Selection and Deployment

  • Middleware evaluation and recommendation
  • Implementing edge level processing and filtering
  • Reliable messaging
  • Integration with Application and EPC Information Servers

Modifications to existing applications

  • Facility to store the RFID reader and event data
  • Handle the unique id of each item
  • EAI Integration

Application Development

  • Application specific software
  • New applications to make use of RFID event