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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

As organizations get involved in advanced e-Business initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and continue to add new technologies to their enterprise systems, they face an added challenge of interconnecting their disparate IT systems. An IDC study reveals that when integrating applications, enterprises today need to cope with added pressures like understanding and providing support to system architecture standards, and ensuring that redundancy across applications and systems is eliminated.

The need of the hour is for enterprises to achieve a seamless integration of existing technologies like custom-built applications, products and legacy software, with external business processes and systems. Tata Infotech's expertise in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) space includes specialization in middleware and integration broker platforms like:

  • IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly IBM MQSeries)
  • webMethods
  • Microsoft BizTalk

Tata Infotech’s EAI offerings include:

  • Strategic planning
    • EAI strategy formulation
    • Architecture and tools evaluation
  • Integration services
    • Product-centric integration
    • B2B integration
    • Custom application integration
  • Infrastructure operations
  • Administration and maintenance of EAI solutions