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Enterprise Application Development And Maintenance (EADM)

An organization's technology roadmap typically aims at developing solutions that will:

  • Effectively address evolving business needs
  • Provide systems with high availability and accessibility
  • Efficiently consolidate IT applications
  • Phase out obsolete systems
  • Reduce cost of ownership

A combination of factors like proven development methodologies, quality processes, technology best practices and vast project delivery experience have suitably enriched Tata Infotech's Enterprise Application Development and Maintenance (EADM) initiatives. We are now ably equipped to address the needs of organizations through:

  • New application development
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Product engineering
  • Implementation services
  • Application maintenance
  • Production support

Tata Infotech brings along expertise in the following areas:

  • Diverse platform experience - Windows NT/2000/2003, Sun Solaris, UNIX, AIX, AS/400, IBM mainframes
  • Strong design and development skills in areas like: Microsoft, J2EE, IBM mainframes, BI, ERP, EAI, Imaging, Security
  • Tools usage - IBM WSAD, Borland JBuilder, Eclipse, Rational Rose, Borland Together ControlCenter, Microsoft Visio, Quest JProbe, Parasoft JTest, Performance Analyzer, Modularis, Borland Optimizeit, Mercury Interactive

Re-factoring is one of the key services offered by Tata Infotech as part of its EADM services. The focus here revolves around improving the design of an existing software system by improving its internal structure, but without altering its external behavior. Re-factoring is an inherent need for applications that suffer from shortcomings like poor design, inefficient code, and performance and scalability issues.

Tata Infotech's re-factoring services have yielded benefits for organizations in terms of applications with high performance, improved scalability, patterns-based, object-oriented design, and structured and optimized code.

Tata Infotech has developed its own methodology for performance optimization. The methodology spans across all the phases of a project lifecycle and helps avoid performance issues in a proactive manner. With the help of performance optimization tools like Quest JProbe and Borland Optimizeit, Tata Infotech has re-factored enterprise applications resulting in an optimal utilization of resources and a marked improvement in performance levels.

Tata Infotech has developed expertise in re-factoring applications using various flavors of Microsoft and J2EE technologies.