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FORTIORA™  is a suite of PKI-based security products that guarantee safety for all your vital information on any public or private network.

FORTIORA™ comprises three main components:

FORTIORA SCOUT™ (Security Components and Utilities Toolkit) FORTIORA SCOUT consists of a ready-to-use set of libraries, which can be directly utilized to develop a secure application like online credit card payment facility; and enables electronic fund transfer and many more.

FORTIORA CSAR™ (Certificate Server, Access to Repository) can receive requests for generation and revocation of digital certificates in relevant (standard) formats generating standards (X.509) compliant certificates and certificate revocation lists. Typically, FORTIORA CSAR can be used along with the FORTIORA DEFT (Data Encryption for Transmission) application in order to handle all certificate management activities.

FORTIORA DEFT™ (Data Encryption For Transmission) is a ready-to-use application that is designed to meet the needs of secure messaging and storage of documents. It is a PKI-based electronic substitute for a sealed envelope, and signature. It provides confidentiality through encryption using a strong symmetric key crypto system. The authenticity of the sender and the integrity of the message are ensured by the use of digital signatures, which are implemented using a 1024-bit public key algorithm and a secure hash algorithm. FORTIORA DEFT can work with any e-mail software that supports attachments.


  • Encrypts and stores confidential data on the PC
  • Encrypts a message using the recipient's public key, for the intended recipient to decrypt and read
  • Decrypts an encrypted file sent as an e-mail attachment using a private key
  • Digitally signs messages for recipients for security
  • Provides a PKI to issue digital certificates for distribution of public keys in a secure manner.


  • Easy to install
  • Information can be saved on the networks
  • Public keys available

System Requirements

  • Pentium IBM compatible
  • Windows 95/98/ NT
  • Linux RedHAt 5.2 or higher
  • Open LDAP 1.2 or higher