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Systems Integration integrates various components of Information Systems and Information Technology to get an optimal solution satisfying all stakeholders of an organization. Systems Integration optimises business processes for greater productivity and efficiency. As Systems Integrators, Tata Infotech identifies areas of priority for an organisation, maps it with an organisation's IT strategy, identifies IT requirements and implements solutions.

Tata Infotech:

  • Identifies the correct system components with common protocols and interfaces
  • Adopts a clear-cut approach, details a plan, and uses the right tools to integrate components
  • Has skills and experience

Tata Infotech is a leading Systems Integrator. The company integrates all the components of a solution - the application software, operating environment, hardware platform and networking equipment.

Tata Infotech delivers application software using state-of-the-art technology. The company's quality processes covers all areas of Systems Integration. The company is assessed at SEI-CMM level 5 and ISO 9001-2000 certified for hardware, networking and software support processes.

Tata Infotech's turnkey projects cover a wide spectrum of solutions: ISP and Intranet set-up, mission critical applications such as airline reservation systems, stock exchanges and telecom billing solutions, GIS solutions, communication software that handles more than 1000 nodes, e-governance solutions like Driving License and Vehicle Registrations, 24x7 hrs Call Centers/ Helpdesk, ERP and e-biz solutions, Healthcare, Railways Operation & Control, and complex WAN, MAN, and Campus LAN.

Tata Infotech is a Systems Integration partner to leading technology companies like Sun, Cisco, HP-Compaq, BEA, Computer Associates, EMC, MapInfo, Business Objects, SAS and SCO. The company has developed and implemented solutions covering smart card technology, imaging technology and medical equipment interface.

Tata Infotech also provides on-site post- implementation support as well as remote support through managed Services.
The company offers:

  • Complete SI Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Supervisory Services for Systems Integration projects
  • Procurement Consultancy - Evaluation and identification of the right components.