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Customer: A Fortune 500 company
  • Operating System (OS): Windows NT, XP
  • Programming Languages: VC++, C#, MASM, etc.
  • Tools: VSS, PVCS, InstallShield

Customer Description

The client, a Fortune 500 company, with operations in 88 countries and over 10,000 employees, is a global leader in Integrated Self Service Systems and the largest in the US.

The Challenge

The original applications were developed on platforms like Windows NT, Windows 2000 and OS/2, and were less competitive in terms of performance and functionality.

The Solution

A team of technical consultants from Tata Infotech studied the existing application of the client. Equipped with relevant experience in a similar profile and strong technical expertise, Tata Infotech executed multiple projects for the client. The key assignments that were carried out are listed below:

  • Migration and qualification of SST (Self Service Terminal) applications on to the Windows XP platform
  • Migration and enhancement of SST applications to comply with the latest industry standards
  • Supporting the new software package with enhanced functionality/features on to the Windows XP platform

Customer Benefits

  • Tata Infotech's process maturity and comfort on localization capabilities enabled a smooth transition to be effected from the existing vendor
  • An estimated $100 million in savings was made in a three-year period using key initiatives launched by Tata Infotech
  • The sound insight displayed by Tata Infotech into the technology roadmap enabled the client to gain key benefits from its strategic consultancy practices