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Customer: A Fortune 500 company

  • Java
  • Macromedia Flash Action Script and Macromedia Flash Director Script
  • Web Services

Customer Description

The customer, a Fortune 500 company, develops consumer products and technologies that form an integral component of product offerings from leading industries around the globe.

The Challenge

The customer supports the Photo-ID application for one of its clients. The client maintains an employee database that is based in a remote location. The need of the hour was for a seamless integration of the Photo-ID application with the remote employee database. The customer was depending on Tata Infotech's expertise for effecting a smooth integration of the application.

The Solution

  • The front-end application has been built using Macromedia Flash. The client scripting has been executed in Macromedia Flash Action Script. The front-end communicates with the Web Server using Web Services with a SOAP protocol. The Web server consists of all the business rules that have been coded in Java for the application.

  • The following features were added in addition to the basic application:
    • Enhanced security features
    • Attendant's Dashboard
    • Online Pre-Registration
    • Flexible Badge design tool
    • Detailed reporting using a Digital Log

Customer Benefits

  • Considerable cost saving
  • Efficient system integration
  • Reusable application for future clients

The module developed for integrating the front-end application with the employee database is part of an ongoing, long-term relationship that Tata Infotech has established with its customer.