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Customer Testimonials

Innovation and creativity are important values through which we serve our customers better. Customers today demand quality products with latest technology and innovation, and want them faster and cheaper too. Respect from our customers is earned from the skills, services and products that we provide them and it is our business objective to satisfy our customers

Dallas Knight
Director VAS

"I am extremely pleased with the performance, commitment and technical expertise of each and every Tata Infotech consultant that we have had."

Dean Doubrava
Tax & License Administrator, Tax and License Division
City of Tempe

"The City was looking for an integrated business tax and license solution with the goal of improving taxpayer services, operational efficiency and automating a number of the existing manual processes. The Tax Mantra™ solution from Tata Infotech together with its surround system components will meet the City's goals."

Dick Olson
Director, Enterprise Server Engineering, Salt Lake

"For the past 10 years, I have been involved with Tata Infotech engineers at the Unisys facility in Salt Lake. The charter in the Salt Lake focuses in the area of systems engineering for Unisys large server platforms, currently ranging upto 32 Intel processors and 64 GB of memory. This includes not only the Unix operating system but also many surrounding software and hardware areas such as Oracle, clustering, communications protocols, drivers, controllers peripherals and I/O subsystems. The Tata Infotech engineers working with us are highly regarded, particularly for their technical expertise and the contributions they have made here over the years. In addition, the other qualities that are appreciated are their work ethics, the initiative they take, and their perseverance to solve problems. They are easy to work with, speak very good English and are well integrated with the rest of the Salt Lake enterprise server engineering team - for years they have been part of us. It has been a pleasure to work with Rajeev and his staff."

Project Manager

"Thank you for your involvement and for the quality of your work. I hope we will work again together."

John Tillman
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services,
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

"Since 1985 the University of Wisconsin La Crosse has been developing its administrative computing systems. The administrate staff, faculty and students have been quite pleased with the functionality of our highly integrated systems although the underlying architecture was reaching the end of its lifecycle and limiting further cost effective development necessary to meet the current and future computing and communication needs of the university community. The migration to the modern architecture being completed with the help of Tata Infotech will position the university so that the best parts of the current systems can be preserved and moved forward, while a cost effective environment for the development of needed new applications for the future is being put in place. This project is crucial for the future success of the university.

We reviewed a significant cross section of potential partners for this project and it was clear to me and my staff that Tata Infotech was the company that has the technical knowledge and skills coupled with a well developed model for effective project management necessary for a successful completion of this project.

To this date the project is on schedule and I am very confident it will remain on schedule with a high quality completed product."


Leland Larson
Director, Management Information Systems
Minnesota Fire & Casualty Company

"You were completely responsive to our needs through all phases of this project that spanned 15 months. Your deployment of a combination of offshore and on-shore was extremely well managed and coordinated throughout. Communication was always excellent between our organization and among project team members from both our organizations. I would not hesitate to use or recommend your services to any one in future."

Michael Ross
Vice President
World Book Inc.

"I would just like to tell you how pleased we are with the work your team is doing, their level of commitment and professionalism, their attention to quality, their ability to work with the World Book team, the pride they are taking in their work, and how much they have accomplished in such a short period of time. They have exceeded their expectations and the results are superior. You have assembled an excellent team of highly skilled professionals who have blended seamlessly with the World Book team. That is no small feat."

Dr. P. Sen
Director IT
Air India

"In the implementation of all our important projects the noteworthy feature has been cooperation and togetherness. Now we look forward to working jointly on newer vistas of project and product development - consolidating this relationship to another dimensions."

Robert B. Kenward
Vice President, Information Services
United Fire & Casualty Company

"It is rare to find a company that delivers superior products on time and as defined, but Tata Infotech can be counted on to do both. It has truly been pleasure doing business with you. The people we have worked with have been far more than accommodating and are a tribute to your company and country."

S. Prabhakaran
Executive Director
Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

"The excellent calibre of the people on the project has made it possible to pursue the common goal of successful project completion. It has been a distinct pleasure to have had a business relationship with Tata Infotech and their performance motivates me to speak positively of Tata Infotech Ltd. "

Tom Weston
Sunrise Software

" ..Tata Infotech's years of product development expertise, technical prowess and proven software methodologies have made a significant contribution towards creating a truly world class product, giving Sunrise the opportunity to become market leaders."